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Areca Palm

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total price (KRW) 119,000 Won
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Delivery period:8 hours to everywhere in Korea
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Bring a refreshing, tropical touch to their day with this exciting areca palm floor plant. The draping, dark green foliage provides natural beauty in the home or office.
It is tropical-looking; serves as a super, bamboo-like screening plant and is relatively pest-free.

Approximately 70"~80" high, including container. This palm tree is priced by the height of stems.
Basic: 120,000 Won / upgraded: 150,000 Won / special: 180,000 Won

Opening ceremony, coporate gift, event, anniversary
Order by 4:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday or 11:00 a.m. Sunday in Korean time zone(GMT+9), and your flowers will be hand-delivered that same day!
We offer FREE personal message card and ribbon services. The card(ribbon) message is written with hand script in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese and attached on the product.
There is no additional service charges. The price is compised of shipping cost, taxes, message card(ribbon) and delivery confirmation fees.
Our online payment gateway company AEGIS HYOSUNG Inc. will be marked on the receipt. You can print out the credit card receipt by clicking Inquiring about the Account of Creditcard Expense.
If you want to know more about detailed information about credit card payment and remitting on our bank account, click [ How to pay ].
We can ship to any address in Korea on the same day without exception on holiday. Note that every items has their own delivery period in light green box on right of the item photo.
You can specify arrival date and time except some busier seasons. Adding or modifing option of items needs 2~3 hours more. Normal delivery hours for a florist are between 9AM and 7PM.
We will let you know by sending confirmation e-mail after the delivery finished. And if you have the number of order, you can track your package by clicking the "track order" tab.

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