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How to order

Sending flowers to South Korea from is a simple and secure. This information will guide you through the order process step by step.

Once you've selected an item

Once you've found an item from the list you'd like to purchase, click the name or photo of item. And you will be able to view detailed information about the product. When proceeding to place an order follow the numbered prompts on-screen:

  • Product options: Any options such as product sizes, grades, quantities and colors will be displayed here.
  • Option items: Other items match well with the item displayed such as cake, chocolates, bear dolls and wines will be displayed here. You can also choose other optional items on option category.
  • Add to Cart: Once pressed, you'll then be taken to the shopping cart page where you can select items to complement your gifts (including vases, chocolates, cakes, dolls and Champagne). The optional items MUST BE ORDERED WITH OTHER ITEMS.

Shopping Cart

This page shows a summary of items you've selected - if you would like to change quantity of item, click up and down arrow by quantity number. And click "apply the change" button to confirm the change.

To remove an item from your Shopping Cart click the text link "delete" to the right of the name of item.

If you're ready to make your purchase, click 'CheckOut-Member' or 'CheckOut Guest'.

Delivery Information

Here we will ask you to complete the recipients' contact details, together with the card message, delivery date and any special instructions to make the delivery. If you have entered a postcode for your recipient earlier in the order process, possible matches will be displayed on this page. To ensure your order can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, it is important that you provide full postal addresses and contact details. When the address is not correct, we may make a telephone call to the recipient before starting the delivery.

If you are ordering an item for ceremonies such as funeral, wedding or opening, please specify the required time of delivery in the delivery instructions.

Payment Details

We require your address together with your contact details just in case we need to get in touch with you regarding your order. Please ensure an email address is supplied as this will be used to confirm receipt of your order. Your payment card details together with promotional codes (if applicable) will be required at this stage.

Order Summary

Before you submit your order, it's important that you review the information you have entered. If you need to edit any part of your order details, use the links provided at the top of the screen to move back to the relevant page. If you're happy with the information, click 'Go Next Step' button. There will then be a short delay whilst we allocate an order number, which will be confirmed on the following screen for your reference.

You will be sent notification by e-mail that your order has been received shortly after reaching the 'Order Confirmation' screen, again this will summarize full details of the order you have submitted - including confirmation of recipient and card message. This will be written in English and sent to the e-mail address you provided within the 'Sender's information' section of the order form. We would advise you to print and retain this information.

And DON'T FORGET THE PASSWORD when you place an order as a guest. It is required to trace your order from our website.

Order Confirmation

This will confirm that we have received your order. We would advise you to make a note of your order number(s) and print the order details summarized on this page for future reference.

Problems ordering?

If you experience problems placing your order online, contact our telesales team where we'll happily take your order over the phone. Contact us on 02-585-1495(or from outside of the Korea +82 2 585 1495) - lines are open between 9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

Can't find the gift you're looking for?

If you're having difficulty finding the gift which is right for you, use search on topside of page or refer our Customize Order. Alternatively, if you're looking for a more specific, bespoke design, contact our telesales team where we'll be happy to discuss your exact requirements. Contact us on 02-585-1495(or from outside of the Korea +82 2 585 1495) - lines are open between 9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 7pm on Sundays.

Product substitution

Many flowers are seasonably available and this may vary depending on region and country. Sometimes, therefore, the florist may need to substitute one flower variety or plant, or indeed packaging and sundry items, for another. When doing so, Sense flower florists must adhere to the strict substitution guidelines detailed below:
1. Any substitution will be of superb quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
2. The colour and shape of the chosen product must take priority and no change in size or shape is permissible.
3. The value of the replacement flower or plant will be equal to, or greater than, the original variety.
4. When substitution is made, the utmost care is taken to provide flowers or plants which maintain the overall effect of the gift.

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How to enable cookies

If you are using Internet Explorer select Internet Options from the Tools menu. Click on the Privacy tab and then slide the bar on the left down as far as it will go. The text on the right will read 'Accept All Cookies'. Click OK.

If you are using Netscape Navigator select Cookie Manager from the Tools menu above and then select 'Allow Cookies from this Site', then Click OK.

Using discount vouchers

If you have an discount voucher to redeem, select the product you'd like to order and proceed to the order process. You will need to enter your discount voucher code in the space provided on Payment Details page. If accepted, your discount will automatically be applied to your order. The discount will be confirmed on the Order Summary page before you submit your order. discount vouchers cannot be redeemed against On sale items. For further information regarding use of discount vouchers, please refer to the Terms and Conditions



Fax Order

if you would like to order by fax (facsimile), please write those things below and fax us. You can download the fax order form from our website URL

  • Sender's Name, Phone Number
  • Receiver's Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Arrival time, Gift message, delivery notification
  • Credit card numbers and expiry date.

Our fax number: 82-42-487-8521, Our Phone number: 82-2-585-1495