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100% Perfect Love 
offered to membership at KRW 15,000 Won discounted price
100 stem premium roses in corn shape with white baby\'s breath on the bottom
390,000 Won
approx. $354.5 USD
19,500 Won shipping discount
Great Congratulation Basket Arrangement 
10% (9,400 Won) of price discounted for member
large size of unique Europe-style flower basket arrangement
119,000 Won
approx. $108.2 USD
11,900 Won shipping discount
Rose Bouquet - Awards 
10% mileage for membership. Discount is offered during slow season
20 stem premium red roses gathered with natural greens grasses
89,000 Won
approx. $80.9 USD
8,900 Won shipping discount
Fruits & Flower Basket - Special 
KRW 13,000 Won discounted for membership
Pink flowers and full of fresh fruits carried with lagger basket
129,000 Won
approx. $117.3 USD
12,900 Won shipping discount
Congratulation Standing Spray -Economic 
offered to membership at the discoutned price of KRW 119,000 Won
a frugal funeral standing spray arrangement. A little bit small but cheapper
129,000 Won
approx. $117.3 USD
11,000 Won shipping discount
Magic of Love 
5% discount price for every membership
Great combinations of 24 stem red roses and white Gypsophila in wicker basket
109,000 Won
approx. $99.1 USD
5,450 Won shipping discount
Triple Circle Roses 50 
10% mileage point for membership
unique designed bouquet in three-tied shape with 50 stem red roses
189,000 Won
approx. $171.8 USD
18,900 Mileage Point
Chul Gol Gyokuchin 
almost 15% (10,000 Won) of price discounted for member
strong plant of 8 stem Asian orchid in ceramic pot
64,000 Won
approx. $58.2 USD
10,000 Won shipping discount
Phalaenopsis in Wood Pot - Upgraded 
KRW 10,000 Won discounted price for membership
7 stem pink phalaenopsis orchids in wood planter
169,000 Won
approx. $153.6 USD
10,000 Won shipping discount
Umbrella tree 
10% (9,400 Won) of discounted price for member
Schefflera tree with graceful, arching sets of leaflets
984,000 Won
approx. $894.5 USD
9,800 Won shipping discount
100 Stem Rose Box 
5% discounted price for membership
100 long stem red roses with green foliage in red box container
340,000 Won
approx. $309.1 USD
17,000 Won shipping discount
Heart in Love - 50 
almost 5% (7,500 Won) of price discounted for member
50 stems of red roses with green foliages contained heart shape box
210,000 Won
approx. $190.9 USD
10,500 Won shipping discount

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